I haven’t posted any friend fliers for at least two months but trying to field the friends that I have currently made, but I am still open to new requests.  No new calls in a while until yesterday around 4 when I get a call from Sara(h?*).  She said that she had seen the flier a while back but never took a tab.  Then she saw the article in the LA Weekly and called a friend of hers about it, and this friend just happen to take a picture of the flier with her phone and sends it to Sara(*).  Sara(*)  is on a break from class and doesn’t get finished till about 10pm so we meet up at 10 and roll to the local watering hole/karaoki joint on Santa Monica that I visited the previous night with an old friend from KC named Rudy. The lady behind the bar was super kind and remembered me(possibly because the bar was almost completely empty except for 2 or 3 peeps who visit on the regs).  I suppose this venue is a good place to get to know someone since there isn’t a lot to distract and there is plenty of catching up to do.  The surly owner of the place kept insisting that we play some tunes on the juke box and assumed that we were on a romantic date as opposed regular ass friend date.  He invited us back the next night which he said was there ten year anniversary being on Santa Monica    After prime time which was the name of the karaoke joint we went to Tommy’s which is a burger joint staple of California where they smother things in chili and it wasn’t too bad either.  Sara(*) then gives me a ride home cause the metro had already closed. what a sweetheart.


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