Manny 1

Friend 1 Manny

Manny called me about 11:40 am on Monday July 26 seeming like he could really use a friend, but who couldn’t. He lived in the Silverlake area of LA so we arranged to meet up around the Silverlake Lounge around 6:30 to do some serious friend business. Manny seemed a bit strapped for cash which was good cause so am I so we had to do what fun free stuff we could and it was awesome. First I took him out to go look for some free fruit around Sunset Junction. See, most people don’t know this but a fruit tree can be on private property but if the fruit is hanging over public property, like a sidewalk or an alley it is fair game for the public, and someone has created maps around LA, SF, Denmark, various other places of where these trees are and what fruits can be found where. (if you don’t have a map from your city I suggest you make one and submit it to Fallen Fruit Project, and get to pick’n with your anarchy maps) After we picked some fruit I suggested that we slam some brews on some steps nearby. I could tell that Manny was reluctant but friends can convince you to do some things you would never do on your own. After we got our swill on, we went back to Manny’s place and played some Super Smash Bro’s on his Wii. Manny wasn’t much of the creative type, or so he said, but I taught him this drawing game where one person closes their eyes and scribbles all over a piece of paper then gives the scribbles to the other person and the other person tries to find something in the scribbles to make it into something (examples below). After a few games of each we decided to head on down to the Silverlake Lounge to catch a free show for their Monday night residency from Yellow Red Sparks. I could tell Manny wasn’t much for crowds so before the show was over I suggested we call it a night and I walked him up to his pad and I headed back to the metro to end the night well spent with my new friend Manny.

Here I am on the metro going to meet my new friend.

Manny and me slamming some brews on the steps.

Manny takes a picture of me climbing a street sign to grab some grapefruit.

Posin with Manny and our loot.

Manny making a dinosaur from my scribble sketch (and he said he couldn't draw)


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