Manny Revisited

I got my first repeat friend call from Manny to hang out some night so I took the train down to sunset to pay him a visit. I swung by his house about 9:30 and he was working on some online homework. He couldn’t figure out how to post a jpg image on his class message board so we spent a bit of time trying to figure that out but with no avail. Apparently it just wasn’t possible so we we hung out a bit and talked a bit, played some smash bros on wii and I am still not very good so I didn’t win many games. I decided we needed a new game with more level playing ability so we played some Mario cart which I love and I fared a bit better. I met some of the other people that lived in his house, but since the metro is out of service at 12 midnight I had to make it a short visit. I asked him if he still wanted to get down on some tennis sometime and he pulled two tennis rackets from under his bed and said “for sure” so the next time we meet its GAME TIME!!


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