manny 3

The last time Manny and I hung out we talked about doing some tennis time so the other afternoon I skated down to Silverlake and met up with Manny for a game.  I met him at his house and we trekked on over to Echo Park to play a game or two.  I have actually never played tennis before so it was sure to be a blow out.  My only chance was to talk as much trash as possible as to try to throw Manny off his game and that is exactly what I did.  My trash talking was no match for Manny’s actually tennis playing ability and I did end up losing but it was great fun.  After tennis we stopped by a burrito stand on the way home and had some awesome fish tacos and I made my way home.  Another successful friendship date.

on a side note this was my first time trying to edit video and I would say its a total success.  You see editing video is a lot like playing with LEGOS, you have a good idea of what your going to do and when the pieces don’t fit, you just mash them together with force, end up scrapping your original plan and call it art. That’s what I do anyway.

skatein to Manny's

t is for tennis for two

t is also for tacos and we each got down on some


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