friend 3 maggie

Maggie was not an ordinary friend in the sense of this project but I thought she was a genuinely sweet person and definitely worth mentioning because sometime you find friends in places you would not normally expect.  I was actually taking the train to meet with someone in downtown LA, when Maggie sat next to me on the train.  She had a cane and some medical device on her foot so I offered her a seat and immediately struck up a conversation.  She told me she was a writer and asked me about where I was going and what I was doing.  I told her I was going to meet a friend and told her briefly about the friendsofbrian project.  She seemed very excited about it and gave me some great ideas of things I could do with my friends like a farmers market with free samples and such in south Pasadena.  I happened to have a flier in my backpack because I was not only on a mission to meet someone but also needed to do some more advertising, and she asked if she could have a tab with my number on it, to which I replied “of course.”   We talked to whole way to my stop downtown and I have to say that it was wonderful meeting someone so unexpectedly as well as having someone to chat with on the train makes the trip go much faster. So thank you Maggie for being a good friend and a good person!!

maggie and I cruising on the metro together


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