Jimmy 1

Friend 2 Jimmy

Jimmy called me a few days ago and we have kept in touch but still have not met in real life yet.  So last night, July 29th Jimmy texted me about and art show and a separate dance/music party so I hopped on the metro and headed down to Vermont/Melrose area to meet up.  When I arrived at the address, I called jimmy and there was no answer.  Moments later he sent me a text saying that he could not answer cause he was low on minutes on his phone also the text explained that he may not be able to make it to meet up tonight because of girlfriend problems (friends and girlfriends alike can be fickle sometimes).  I am not usually going to update on failed friend dates but this night was particularly interesting, because of the venues he suggested we meet and the people i did meet besides Jimmy (wish i had gotten more pictures).  It was in this small pocket of a neighborhood full of life yet sort of off the grid.  The first place I stopped in was a DIY space called Vlad the Retailer.  This place just moved in from across the street to their new space and is not fully functioning but did have a few decent noise-core bands playing.   Also on the same block was the Fake gallery so I stopped in to check it out and they were hosting a live podcast recording of a comedy show featuring Paul F. Tompkins and some free wine which was pretty decent to say the least.  After the podcast recording I swung around the corner to the bicycle kitchen to check out what it was all about – basically a bicycle collective where you can build a bike for cheap donations.  Went back to Vlad’s and met the resident/owner/Chris and we stopped next door for a few beers at this nice little vegan place Pure Luck did some chatting and he left but not before he paid for my beers(super radical dude).  The people sitting next to me struck up a convo and one turned out to be a visual artist as well as I and the other was a hip-hop artist called Brotha NYFT ( checked out his music when I got home and not half bad).   After all this and still no word from Jimmy I decided to take the metro home and what did I find but someone had just finished a 40oz of my favorite malt liquor, the old gold/oe/old english 800, and I had to say, “it was a good day.”

Taking the train again I am so excited

This is Vlad the Retailers New Space.(he doesn't even have a new sign yet)

The Choicest Malt liquor (It WAS a good day)


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