Jimmy 2

The real deal jimmyfield

Jimmy is one of those friends who is hard to meet up with, like myself he is a mover and shaker and somewhat of a schemer.  I failed on several occasions to meet up with Jimmy just because we were both always doing something.  I kept trying because Jimmy seemed like my type of character.  The first time I got a call from Jimmy I was on a out with Manny.  Jimmy had seen the flier and thought “I’m going to buy this guy a drink”, which is what I would think if I had seen the flier and I were me.  The first time we tried to meet up was the Vice magazine party at El Cid with free entry and free Colt45.(he said it was super packed out anyway)  The second chance encounter that didn’t come to fruition was a GG Allin like show, or at least thats how he described it, which sounded like something I should have been at regardless of whether he called or not, but this time I was busy with other friend madness.  The third time was this art show down on Melrose near the bicycle kitchen and I documented this time cause it was him that couldn’t make it and because I had a radical time friends or not, but it was completely understandable that he couldn’t make it.  A few months went by and no Jimmy still, but just the other night I got a call from Jimmy, and he had just lost his job and was down to party as was I,

just the other night I got a call from Jimmy, and he had just lost his job and was down to party as was I.  I took the Metro Down to Sunset Junction to meet up with Jimmy at some brewery.  When I got off the Metro I gave Jimmy a call and again he changed locations on me to meet at the Silverlake Lounge this time, and before he hung up, he said he would give a chance to back out still if I wanted.  Unsure of what he meant I questioned what he meant; I mean, if didn’t wasn’t down to just hang out and meet some new folks, I wouldn’t be doing this weird thing with the flier and such.  Then he drops the bomb on me;  “I am 37 years old and I am BLACK”.  I had me a good laugh and said “hell yes lets meet up, I’ll take the 2 bus down sunset.”  Now that fact that e was black was of no consequence but that he was 37 I thought that weird, because all the things he had invited me to seemed like hip young kid things to do and that why is was even more down than before to meet the cat.  We met up at the Silverlake Lounge and there was a band playing this particular night and the cover was $8 so we said fuck it and went down the street to this cocktail lounge and Jimmy got the first round.  Jimmy we talked for a while and Jimmy seemed like a bird of the same feather; he was a hip hop artist, influenced much of the music as I, a “writer”/hoodrat of sorts and takes the bus and keeps up on what is hip and free to do in LA, even if that gettin free stuff involved questionable methods.  Case in point, after we left this cocktail lounge to head to Hollywood Via the 2 bus again, he said he didn’t want to pay full faire so he pulled out about $0.50 for the bus(actual faire is $1.50) got on the bus and said “this is all I have.”  Right then and there I liked the cut of this guy’s jib, because the bus was going our direction anyways, and what harm is it if we ride for reduced faire, a great scheme/grifter move. so we got a near free ride to Hollywood and hopped off near La Boum, where Marijuana Death Squad from Minneapolis and this Glam Rock band Hammered Satin were playing, and Jimmy had the password to get us in for free.  We went in slammed some brews and while I was sittin there I started chatting with this chica who asked how Jimmy and I know each other.  I told her we were on a friend date from the flier I posted and she said she had heard of it(whether she was lying I have no idea but still seemed RAD) anyways the Death squad was bitchin with lots of techy shit on stage and it was some girls B-day party.  The bands were almost done playing and I met back up with jimmy after wonder the crowd a bit and said we need to go on the roof.  La Boum is like a maze but I had actually been there before and bitched out on taking the ladder to the roof for fear of getting busted and kicked out, but since the show was almost over and i was feeling particularly ballsy, we gave it a shot.  We found the ladder and it had cones and signs saying do not enter, so we climbed up.  We go to the top and finished our beers, danced to the MJ the Dj was playing, took in the sites of hollywood(capitol records building was right across the street).  It was about 5 minutes until this guy in the parking lot below yelled “HEY YOU GUYS GET DOWN FROM THERE” to which jimmy replied, “it’s ok we work here”.  We stayed for a few more minutes and saw that he was calling security so we bounced and sure enough, at the bottom of the ladder was security.  Rather than try to fight it and stay and dance I just asked “which way to the exit” before security could even attempt to drag us out of La Boum, and we left unescorted and with egos in ridin high.  After this I took the night owl service back to North Hollywood and Jimmy went on his way too.
Good Times/Good Friends
thats what friendsofbrian is all about.

Cheers Jimmy

these girls said they had seen and heard about the fliers

Jimmy and me rockin

On top of La Boum before we had to bounce for security reasons

the famous capitol records a hollywood landmark


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