Jamie friend date 2

Friends at Disneyland

So I got a text to meet up at Jamie house around 10 on Sunday, when I arrived I met Jamie, her wife Amy, and their friend Frankie, Jamie and I got vaporized and around 11 or so Dan showed up too and we headed for a fun filled day of mickey mouse and friends at Disneyland.  We got to the park around 1 and took the tram into Disneyland.  For the first ride of the day it was to the tower of terror ride where you go through the twilight zone and are dropped like 7 stories on a ride that is like a the Hollywood hotel elevator and I must say that I am super afraid of heights, so this was not my favs but I did it for the sake of friendship. After that we all went and saw the Aladdin show which was pretty entertaining the we grabbed a bite.  Disneyland is cool and all but the lines kind suck unless you figure out about the fast passes or how to cut in line in front of a bunch of kids which is what we did a few times.  Around when the sun started going down we all grabbed some adult beverages and watched some fireworks the folks at Disney can sure “imagineer” up some sweet night displays as well as words like imagineer.  Feelin a bit loose so Frankie, Jamie and I decided to ride this kids roller coaster about 6 or so times called the Mullholand madness just because the line was so short.  We even convinced a guy that we weren’t going to get off the ride so he ought to just let us ride it again instead of getting off only to wait in line some more.  After we had our fill of this cheesy yet amazingly fun coaster we hit up the last few rides before the park closed one of which was the Matterhorn, which had quite the line so we walked to the front jumped the rope and all stood in line.  Apparently a ride operator had seen me jump the gun and started to tell me I couldn’t just cut in line but since he hadn’t seen Frankie and Jamie cut and since I was not about to leave and wait in line the rest of the suckers there I just pretended like I didn’t hear him and he eventually gave up on me.  Then we went on one last ride of the night the Pirates of the Caribbean and planned to meet up with Dan and Amy at the giant “R” in CALIFORNIA in the front of the park.  While we waited three separate people kept kept asking us to move so they could get a picture in front of the “R” and I still don’t understand how this was the photo opportunity of the night for everyone.  The first two we moved with no problems, but the last group that came up to us was rather bitchy from the start so Jamie just hid behind the “R” peeking her head out every time they tried to take a picture.  I thought it was hilarious but they weren’t amused.  I even snapped some shots of them taking the picture from behind and some of them being pissed off a god time was had by all.(except the the two girls and maybe Frankie because he got so pissed of at them and started an argument were some words were exchanged) eventually we met up and headed back to our car and headed home after a fun filled Disney vacation for the day.  Definitely  have to meet up with Jamie and her crew again for more fun.

Rides ridden:Pirates, Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Mullholland Madness, Thunder Mountain, and Splash mountain.

Fun had: Brian/10, Jamie/10, Frankie/10, Amy/10, Dan/10, bitches next to the “R”/4.5

Dan, Amy, Frankie, and Jamie from left to right at the Disneyland

Dan, Jamie, and Me Traveling through space(and time)

We all just finished eating and are very satisfied

The "R" was a very popular letter to be photographed at

These girls did not like our game of peekaboo and if you look closely on the right you can see Frankie clearly does not like these girls (they were total Biaches anyway)

Taking the tram home, everyone looks tired

goodbye Disneyland, until next time, C ya later


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