Jamie friend date 1

Friend…? (losing track)Jamie

I got a few texts from some random number wanting to know if the fliers I posted were serious which has become a fairly common occurrence.  After a few texts back and forth over the last few days and a bit of her razzing me about everything from the picture on the flier to the hat I was wearing in the picture, to me only texting one *HA for a laugh at her why was 6 afraid of 7 joke (because 789) we finally met up.  I was working down at my internship down in Hollywood and Jamie wanted to meet up after I got off work.  So we arranged to meet at the frolic room in Hollywood, she said she was the girl with the dreds when you first walk in talking to the Brit(who turns out was actually a New Zealander).  I headed in to meet and she was very friendly and for the life of me I cannot seem to remember her Brit friends name but they had just met as well.  We laughed had a merry time and Jamie told me she was reluctant to call and that she had seen the flier weeks ago and brought it into her place of employment and hung it on their fridge.  All of her coworkers had talked of calling me up to take me out for a beverage(which I am very much not opposed to) but they all thought I might be some weirdo.  Jamie decided to search the digital domain to find out more about this project and all she could find was this on the side bar about halfway down the page(apparently Friendsofbrian is representing Los Angeles in New Orleans).  So I congratulate you Jamie on having the courage to seek the buried treasure.  The only bummer of the night was that since I was at work I had no camera on me so I was unable to fully document this friend date but who knows maybe Jamie will be a repeat offender( I hope so anyways if there is a free beverage in it for me)

This is the page Jamie found when searching for what friendsofbrian was all about


3 Responses to Jamie friend date 1

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  2. jamie says:

    brian! you want us to buy you beer? how bout, instead, if all my friends buy you beer? well, they won’t exactly be buying *you* beer. it’s beer for everyone. but next sunday, sept. 5th, is my bday. i’m having a bbq. contact me via my email or website if you want more details. mostly i invited people via facebook b/c the interface makes it so simple and easy. but you don’t seem to be on facebook, so contact me for the details everyone else on facebook got. then you probably will meet several of my coworkers and get to drink beers they purchased, which is similar to, though not exactly what, you mention! 😀

    and if you wanna go to disneyland sometime, lemme know. i’ll get you in for free (anyone else reading this: no, i can’t do this for all of you. it’s something i can do selectively in limited quantities, and brian has earned it with this crazy odd social experiment he’s engaged in. so don’t hit me up for a disneyland trip unless you’re brian!!!)

    k thx bai

  3. jamie says:

    oh, hey, also… if you look me up on facebook via my email addy, you will find a photo or several that you could put up of me. otherwise, just come to my bbq and we’ll take a group photo then, and you can add a whole buncha cool peeps to the friends list! 🙂

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