Jamie and Amy Birthday Party

Jamie and Amy recently had a birthday party and they decide to extend an invite to me. I got there around 3 and both Jamie and Amy were still settin up for the party a bit so I gave them a hand putting up lights as well as helping them consume refreshments, which was most delightful.  The evening was filled with friends of Jamie and and Amy light conversation and enchantment and me.  They told me  didn’t have to bring them anykind of present but since since I had a stuffed animal that I made out of raw wool laying round the house I wrapped it up, and passed it off as a gift for the both and I hope they liked it.  It was a great time for all and it was interesting how nice people are when you and them share a common friend.  I wonder why that common bond has such a huge impact on our relationships?  Maybe that is our only common bond with some people in our lives when we share a common friend but it opens up the lines of communication for one reason or another.  Guess I am ranting but the BBQ was great and a huge breakthrough in friends.

jamie putting up lights for ambiance

party's gettin started

good food, good conversation, bevys, good friends

Birthday Girls and Dan, (and brian)

Jamie and Amy's b-day present via bri


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