Hope, Sabrina, and Dillon part 1

Hope, Sabrina, and Dillon

Hope, Dillon, and Sabrina called me around noon to hang out around Echo Park, they said they were travelers and loved the posting cause they were trying to meet new people on their travels and thought my flier was a funny and interesting way to do this.  I had to take care of some laundry but I took the metro and skateboarded to Echo Park and called Dillon about 3 in the afternoon.  Dillon was in the library and said Hope and Sabrina were on their way to meet him there as well.  I skated up to the library and waited for a second decided the library would be a good place for people who need friends so I hung up a flier, and as I was Dillon approached and and introduced himself assuming I was the Brian from the flier (correct assumption).  We walked to the corner to meet Hope and Sabrina and they told me their story.  It seemed that Dillon had ventured to Maine to meet up with his old girlfriend Sabrina, as well as her friend Hope, and they collectively decide to hitchhike across the country to meet up with this thing called rainbow tribe in Washington.  Rainbow tribe is a sort of traveling group of like minded individuals who live in almost communists societies in the woods were money is not allowed and everything you receive is earned.  It sounded like Sabrina had lost a bag of all her clothes except what she was wearing during the cross country trip, so we stopped in some vintage stores around the area.  After, we decide to grab some coffee and just catch up, talking about where we were from what brought us to LA and what lay ahead of us.  After coffee they suggest a we swing by the Gold Room in Echo Park area for their happy hour which is amazing.  At the gold room, you can buy a pint of PBR for $4 and with this pint you also get 2 carne asada tacos and a shot of taquilla.  We all agreed you can’t go wrong with a meal and a beer and a shot of taquilla for this price.  Hanging around bars can get quite expensive though so we left to meet up at the Nicks house (a friend of Dillon’s and the house they were all staying) we chilled a bit watched the news and until Nick and his roommate came home.  I could tell Nick wasn’t terribly excited about having some random dude in house although he didn’t come out and say it, so as a good friend I suggest we take a walk and get out of his hair/dreds.  We took off and walked around Echopark for a while with Dillon and Sabrina while Hope stayed at the pad.  Dillon went into the Q and picked up a 40 so we could just go chill on some steps in EchoPark and take in the end of a beautiful day.  We passed the drank around and they invited me over to eat, which I didn’t feel super comfortable eating someones food since we had just met and I didn’t want Nick to feel put out by me so I said my goodbyes and split.

me, hope, dillon, sabrina (left to right)

hanging on the patio at the free taco bar (gold room)

The view from Nick balcony was stellar

Chillin on the steps

more chills

goodbyes in order, time to split


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