Hope, Dillon and Sabrina continued

Hope, Dillon, and Sabrina Continued

I got a call from hope about two days after the first encounter to meet her a a coffee shop/bookstore in Echo Park.  I hopped on my trusty skateboard and made the trek back down to Echo.  I met Hope at a place called Books n Coffee n Stuff and the name pretty much says it all.  We got some coffee and hung out on the back patio outside and it was a beautiful day out.  Hope seemed a bit tuckered out even though it was like 5 o’clock in the afternoon still from the day previous cause she was at hardfest, which they had asked me to come, but I am not about to pay $50 for tix plus I am not terribly in to the music festival scene these days even though they had some great acts.  Anyways sounded like it was a good time.  We grabbed some books from inside the shop to flip through and relaxed for a bit when Dillon and Sabrina stopped by for some books.  After the bookstore we headed around the corner to play a few games of pool.  It seemed like Sabrina and Dillon were beginning to have money issues and I can understand that as LA is an expensive city to do anything, especially when you have been traveling and are used to not spending money on much of anything but food.  Anyway we played a few games and I called it a night to go home and hang with my homie and roommate Joe.

met hope for some coffee

Cheers Friend!!

at the pool hall

hope and brian vs. dillon and sabrina

hope and I hustled them fools


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