Christina and Katy

Friends 3.5 or 4&5 Christina and Katy

I had tried to meet up with Katy and Christina two times already but the public transportation in LA leaves something to be desired.  First time was on last Friday where they suggested we meet up at an art show which was right up my alley as far as things I like to do (free art, party, free beverages, goodtimes), however it was not right up my alley as far as location so I would have to chalk that one up under the missed connections folder.  Second missed connection was at El Cid in Silverlake where there was a Vice magazine party with free colt 45’s the only problem being by the time they had arrived the line was super long and public transit only operates until just after midnight so I had to bounce before we met up.  Third time is a charm though and I got a call to take the 2 bus down sunset to swarthmore.  It seemed like a hundred mile journey and I thought if my stop wasn’t soon we might end up in the ocean.  But I did arrive and met up at a Starbucks and decided on going to take a hike.  We drove for a bit up to the hills in Pacific Palisades parked the car and started our hike to the “top of the world”.  The top of the world is the code they used for this chill spot way up past the clouds where kids come to chill, make out, smoke, drink 40’s, etc.  It had the most beautiful view of the pier, the airport, the ocean at night and was totally bitchin.  To make it authentic, we got slammed down some 40’s(actually 32oz but that is just semantics)  After the hike and the beverages we cruised down and stopped at this artsy coffee shop called cacao that had an acoustic performance that night and one of their other friends met us there. after the show we hopped in their friends car and cruised on up to the hills again, this time to a different location, and met up with two more people, so a total of 5 friends plus me.  We made a hike to the summit and did what young people do on hikes in the hills at night, and sipped on some drank as well as some other debauchery.  All in all, a good night, it was about 2 in the morning at this point so we left and Katy dropped Christina off at her place and was sweet enough to drive me to my house as well.  So Friend 4/5 you pretty much rocked as cool friend to chill with maybe I will get a return friend on this one. who knows

the longest bus ride ever, but it was all good

our first meeting near the starbucks

cruisin on our way up to the top of the world

katy and me wearing katy's sweater(it got cold) at the top of the world. Your can't see the view behind us but you can trust me that it was bitchin!

christina and I riding the chill waves at cacao taking in some smooth jams

picture with the rest of the gang after hike number 2


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