Christina and Katy 2

Christina and Katy the Aftermath

So I have to confess that I have not been being the best documented of this friendship but every time we met up since the first Friend date I was pretty laxed about snappin for photo ops and since I didn’t have many photos to show it felt weird writing too in depth about it but I figure better at least write somethin about our 2nd,3rd, and 4th, and so on friend dates since Christina and Katy were pretty ballin ass girls, so I will at least mention things we did since we partied pretty hard together.  On one particular occasion we went up to this house of their friends and now my friend as well and party in this house her folks were trying to sell that was vacant at the moment and it was a pretty amazin place up in the Topanga hills near Malibu Christina’s friends met up with us there from Baltimore and we raged till the literal the break of dawn.

Another Date we hit up The Smell to see the band Abe Vigoda which was pretty rad except I felt like it was a tough crowd/not alot of movin and shakin going down.  The Smell is a radical all ages venue in dowtown Los Angeles that is always booking pretty experimental bands and has a pretty DIY feel to it.  The Smell is also know as the smell because of its odor problem (probably due to all the sweaty bodies and lack of AC).  This place is notoriously hard to find and on a side note, one time myself and co-creator of friendsofbrian Adam Sikorski were trying to find The Smell with no avail, we thought about asking someone at this hip little bar downtown that was close to the address thinking someone there might have and idea of where the smell was, but declined because asking some hip punk about if they knew where “the smell” was could have taken a turn for the worse, such as “yeah, the smell, its right hear” *points at ass and farts*. or something to that effect.  Anyway back to Christina and Katy, we were at the show and in between bands we went to Katy’s car to slam some brew’s/played some tennis against a brick wall in the empty parking lot.  The band kicked ass and so did the night.

The last time I saw Christina and Katy we were planning on meeting up for some more hoodrat stuff and doing to outside are/pasting but it turned out I had to do some designing for an interview i had the following day but we did manage to meet up that night to go to one of my friends Abby Londer’s Comedy Shows at Genghis Cohen which was pretty funny and the after party at Reeser and Rudy’s was fun as hell too but I think hangin with comedians is a bit taxing though because you never know if they are gathering material from you for being so dumb or what so you gotta be on your toes.  So all in all Christina and Katy were totally Radical and super sweet friends to hang around.

Chritina and Katy kickin it live outside The Smell

Outside The Smell this guy asked if he could take our picture for a fasion magazine I said yes if I can take a picture of you taking said picture


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