Friend 6 adam

Adam called me a few weeks ago mostly because he was curious about the project and wanted to do a story about it.  Since I had just started hanging up the fliers 4 hours previous to his call, so only phase 1 of my friends project was underway, the advertisements part, and I told him I would keep in touch via phone and maybe in a week we could meet up so I could gather more data as well as friends.  So I met up with Adam about a week after the project was underway and I had already met some good friends and been a good friend as well.  I met Adam downtown at a bar called redwoods, a pirate themed bAAAAAr.  It was happy hour and we grabbed some drinks as well as some calamari.  It was a shorter friend meeting but we chatted and I found out he was a comedian, as well as a writer for the LA Weekly, and one of the reason he wanted a friend was to interview me about this project so there was a lot of talk about the project and where I plan to take it, and who knows might be and article in the LA Weekly.(but the point is friends not local fame) Anyways, Adam was a rad dude he said he would keep in touch about the article and when his next show might be so maybe we can be friends some more. We finished our bevys and sea creatures, and headed our separate way’s.  It is always nice to meet new friends!!

eatin some mollusk deep fried


adam and me chillin like bros


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