Jimmy is one of those friends who is hard to meet up with, like myself he is a mover and shaker and somewhat of a schemer.  I failed on several occasions to meet up with Jimmy just because we were both always doing something.  I kept trying because Jimmy seemed like my type of character.  The first time I got a call from Jimmy I was on a out with Manny.  Jimmy had seen the flier and thought “I’m going to buy this guy a drink”, which is what I would think if I had seen the flier and I were me.  The first time we tried to meet up was the Vice magazine party at El Cid with free entry and free Colt45.(he said it was super packed out anyway)  The second chance encounter that didn’t come to fruition was a GG Allin like show, or at least that’s how he described it, which sounded like something I should have been at regardless of whether he called or not, but this time I was busy with other friend madness.  The third time was this art show down on Melrose near the bicycle kitchen and I documented this time cause it was him that couldn’t make it and because I had a radical time friends or not, but it was completely understandable that he couldn’t make it.  A few months went by and no Jimmy still, but just the other night I got a call from Jimmy, and he had just lost his job and was down to party as was I.


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this site is about my new form of social networking in the real world
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